Anne Bronte
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Anne Bronte was born on January 17 1820 in Thornton, England. She was the youngest born of Reverend Patrick Bronte and Marie Branwell. Anne had five siblings including: Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Patrick, and Emily. On September 15 1821 Anne's mother died. Then in 1825 Maria and Elizabeth died. When Anne was fifteen she started to attend the Roe Head School in Mirfield. After school Anne had a position as governess. She then later decided to become a writer, and wrote under the pseudonym action bell.

Anne and two of her sisters
Anne and two of her sisters
Agnes of the books Anne wrote
Agnes of the books Anne wrote
Roe Head School in Mirfield
Roe Head School in Mirfield

A prayer
My God (oh, let me call Thee mine, Weak, wretched sinner though I be),My trembling soul would fain be Thine;My feeble faith still clings to Thee. Not only for the Past I grieve,The Future fills me with dismay Unless Thou hasten to relieve,Thy suppliant is a castaway.I cannot say my faith is strong,I dare not hope my love is great, But strength and love to Thee belong;Oh, do not leave me desolate!I know I owe my all to Thee;Oh, TAKE the heart I cannot give!Do Thou my strength--my Saviour be,And MAKE me to Thy glory live.
Rhyme Scheme: (A,B,A,B) (C,D,C,D) (E,F,E,F)
Poetic Devices: metaphors
Reaction: sad; wanting forgiveness; sinful
How brightly glistening in the sunThe woodland ivy plays!While yonder beeches from their barks Reflect his silver rays. That sun surveys a lovely scene From softly smiling skies; And wildly through unnumbered treesThe wind of winter sighs:Now loud, it thunders o'er my head, And now in distance dies. But give me back my barren hills Where colder breezes rise; Where scarce the scattered, stunted trees Can yield an answering swell, But where a wilderness of heath Returns the sound as well. For yonder garden, fair and wide, With groves of evergreen,Long winding walks, and bordered trim, And velvet lawns between; Restore to me that little spot,With grey walls compassed round, Where knotted grass neglected lies,
And weeds usurp the ground.Though all around this mansion high Invites the foot to roam, And though its halls are fair within -- Oh, give me back my HOME!
Rhyme Scheme: (A,B,C,B,D,E,F,E) (G,E,H,E) (F,I,J,I) (K,D,L,D) (M,N,E,N) (O,P,Q,P)
Poetic Devices: personification and imagery
Reaction:starts of as happy and cheerful and then goes down to a gloomy side
Yes I will take a cheerful tone And feign to share their heartless glee, But I would rather weep alone Than laugh amid their revelry
Rhyme Scheme: (A,B,A,B)
Poetic Devices:imagery
Reaction: sad; depressing

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