1. If you haven't already, tell me the poet you choose.
2. Read through the Requirements for the Wiki Presentation
3. Pick up or print out a notes page and start research (if you skipped step 2, go back and read the research requirements)
4. Start researching poet

(You can find a copy of the research notes either from me or in my "de Beer" folder on the computer <My computer, groups, de Beer, research notes template)


1. Continue researching poets, referring back to the requirements page for information you might need.
2. Rough draft out your page.


1. Create poet page.
2. Start transferring material to wiki.
3. Turn in DGP Sentences (17- Riding your bike by yourself at night can be dangerous, 18- Hurrying through the halls, Kendra ran into an open locker, 19- School rules were made for the safety of all students, 20- The ducks that like to play around our dock like to eat popcorn, 21. My friend Devin, who plays football for the Packers, can eat a pizza in two minutes, but I eat slowly., and 22- I hope that we can eat soon because I am hungry.)
4. Remember to study for your open ended exam.


1. Take open ended final.
2. Continue working on wiki page.


1. Finishing touches on research and wiki


1. Continue memorization of poem
2. Come up with creative visual presenation
3. Finishing touches on wiki if needed.